Monday, February 18, 2019

Introduction: About the Blog & Author

Hello and thanks for being here reading!

     The intent of this blog is to provide information about all things veterinary and public health. I hope to make some heavily sourced posts on common contentions in animal medicine (nutrition, vaccines, breeding, etc), as well as report on breaking news and findings in the Veterinary field. I also plan to maintain a page for prospective and current veterinary students detailing my experiences in school, stress management strategies, and admissions tips. One day, that may include some interviews from current and prospective students as well.

     At the time of this post, I’m a first year veterinary student in the Class of 2022. My interests include small animal emergency, exotics and wildlife, zoonotic disease research, and public health. I have experience as a technician in both general practice and emergency, have conducted behavioral research, and have spent time at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. I’m still not sure where I’ll end up after graduation, but that’s part of the wonder of veterinary medicine- a world of endless opportunities.

      Whether you’re the first person reading this or finding it after awhile, I hope you stick around for the ride and enjoy reading.


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