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In a JAVMA Letter to the Editor, veterinary toxicologists propose a plausible proposal explaining the toxic principle of grapes, which would even fit with the inconsistency of the observed toxicity.

A new study adds to growing evidence that, whenever possible, dogs should be trained with minimally aversive methods to avoid emotional distress. 

These findings continue to support that there is a link between certain diets and the development of dilated cardiomyopathy. 

As of this month, dogs are being used for a voluntary SARS-COV-2 detection program in a Finish airport. Multiple trials have shown high specificity and sensitivity for COVID detection by trained dogs, even days before a person's symptoms arise. As we wait for rapid detection kits to be developed and distributed, working dogs could serve as a useful addition in the fight against this pandemic. 

June 19 2020 Review of 150+ Studies Finds No Link Between Grain-Free and DCM?
A recently published literature review in the Journal of Animal Science has been widely hailed by critics of the FDA's ongoing investigation as proof that there is, in fact, no link. However, veterinarians are skeptical about some of the content of the review, which provides no new evidence or insight into the issue, and is wrought with several glaring mistakes and omissions, including an undisclosed conflict of interest. 

May 16 2020 New Study on DCM and Golden Retrievers
Published out of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, this new study in PLOS details the echocardiographic findings of Golden Retrievers eating various types of diets. It confirms prior evidence of a link between certain non-traditional diet types and heart abnormalities, and also helps to establish taurine baseline levels for Golden Retrievers. 

October 24 2019 Update on Claim that Big Business is Driving the FDA DCM Investigation
Amidst the news regarding the FDA's Investigation into Grain-Free diets and DCM, rumors have swirled that Big Business is driving the issue, manipulating data, and compelling researchers to follow a misleading trail. However, there is no current evidence of foul play to support these allegations, and new evidence continues to support an unfortunate link between certain diets and the development of DCM. 

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