Preventative Care

     Preventative care is the cornerstone of medical wellbeing. While advances in modern medicine provide us the ever-increasing ability to manage, treat, and even cure many ailments, avoiding illness and injury whenever possible is ideal. Explore the links below to learn more about different types of preventative care that are important to your pet's health. 

From the first moment your puppy enters a veterinary clinic, a conversation about vaccines is typically on the table. While anti-vaccination stances have not permeated the veterinary field quite as extensively as in human medicine, there are still many concerns and anxieties that owners face about vaccines. 

Non-Anesthetic Dentistry
This alternative appeals to a number of pet owners, for good reason! It costs less, it doesn't involve anesthesia (so it's perceived as safer) and in many cases, it's quicker, too. Unfortunately, non-anesthetic cleanings are not a safe or reliable alternative to ensuring dental health in your dog or cat. They offer essentially no benefit other than cosmetic, and may even be dangerous or painful to your pet. The individuals offering these services often have the best of intentions, and simply do not realize the immediate and indirect risks associated with the procedure. 

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